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Can I buy from you if I am not a UK resident ?                        

Yes you can by adding items to your basket - once you have entered your postal address including country, the shipping rate will be calculated.

Can I place a phone order ?                                                                    

All orders (except those paying by cheque – see below) must be placed via this website, however any questions or enquiries you may have about stock can be raised with us by telephoning the shop on 01227 379777 or if calling from outside the UK call +441227 379777

Can I place an email order ?                                                                     

All orders must be placed via this website, (except those paying by cheque – see below-) however any questions or enquiries you may have about stock can be raised with us by emailing us via our contact form.

Can I pay by Cheque ?                       

Churches and other official bodies may pay for an order with a cheque in Pounds Sterling if pre-approved by the Shop Manager.  Personal cheques are not accepted except by prior agreement. In the case of orders by cheque these should be submitted by telephone or by email in exception to the rule above.

Goods will not be posted until cheques have been received and cleared.

Do you ship everywhere ?                                                                      

Indeed we ship almost anywhere.

Can I order in larger quantities ?                                                              

Yes you can but ask us first through phone or email  so we can question our supplier about the delay and the availability.

If I am not a UK resident which will the currency for payment ?    

All payments will be made in GBP.

Do you take American Express Card ?                                                       

We do apologise but we do not take American Express.

Do you sell 100% beeswax candles ?

No. we do not sell 100% beeswax candles. Most Church candles contain a percentage of beeswax – but not 100%.

Do you sell Unbleached Candles?

Yes, usually these are however a special order.

Do Special Orders Incur Additional Charges?

Not usually, however special orders cannot be returned unless there is a fault in manufacture or have been damaged.

Are there special arrangements for Returns?

Yes – all items that are to be returned must be agreed in advance with the Shop Manager – no other returns will be accepted.

Can I order a different size candles than you the ones you advertise ?

Yes most of the time but please get in touch with us by email or phone so we can check with our supplier about the availability and the delay as well as the price.

Goods on approval

Due to the high costs of shipping and the risk of damage. We do not offer an ‘on approval’ service all goods must be paid for. Returns are subject to the answer given above.

Do you offer Accounts?

The simple answer is no. The Canterbury Church Shop does not offer an Accounts Management System. However, we can offer Churches and other organisations a Proforma Invoice Service. Payment in full must be made prior to goods being despatched.

I see you are Supplier to the Anglican Catholic Church - Is the Canterbury Church Shop owned by that Church?

No, we are an independently owned business, although two of our directors are members of the Anglican Catholic Church.