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The Miracles of Jesus BBC Book

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The ancient accounts tell us that Jesus could calm storms with a word, feed thousands with just a few scraps of bread and fish, walk on water, cure the sick and even raise people from the dead. In this enlightening book - an official tie-in to the major BBC1 3-part television series presented by Rageh Omaar - Michael Symmons Roberts examines many of Jesus' miracles in the context of 1st century Galilee. He reveals that Jesus' miracles were full of hidden meanings and shows how, by cracking this ancient code, we can come to a deeper understanding of who Jesus of Nazareth really was - a healer, a prophet or the long-awaited Messiah and Son of God? Rights to this series have also been sold to the Discovery Channel. 'What made Jesus' miracles stand out for the people of his time was not that God had acted in the world, but that God had acted in the world in very particular and significant ways. For twenty-first-century westerners, its is not so easy. To us miracles can seem less like a language and more like a code. But it is not an uncrackable code.' - Michael Symmons Roberts